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Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all. This has been my motto ever since my first solo bike rides in 2013. Riding alone through dense forests in Western Ghats of Karnataka made me realize my passion for biking and exploring nature. It was my breakout moment from a cubicle to a whole new world. For me, a ride is not just about riding from point A to B; it’s about exploring the unknown, interacting with wonderful local people, experiencing different cultures and foods. It’s about learning and getting better in life. Isn’t this what everyone wants? Since then I have been riding and exploring breathtaking places all over my country.

I have explored almost all of Karnataka’s wonderful forests, mountains and coasts as I was based in Bangalore back then. I have ridden to Goa and have done Mumbai-Bangalore route couple of times. I have also explored places around Mumbai and Pune. Last year I did two of my biggest rides. A solo trip to Sikkim and did the Spiti circuit along with 2 friends.

Every ride or trip has its unique adventure and memories which we cherish lifelong. Most are pleasant and some offer us a lesson. Getting a puncture at 17500ft (Gurudongmer Lake, Sikkim) and not having a kit/pump was one such lesson I will never forget. It was an adventure getting the bike from Gurudongmer Lake to Mangan (122 kms and approx 14k ft below). Thanks to Indian Army who never hesitate to help riders. Spiti circuit for me was a dream come true ride. The beautiful landscapes are something which everyone should see one in their lifetime.

The food, culture and people of Spiti Valley are wonderful.

There’s a whole new world out there, waiting for you to explore it. Get out!!