Nita had always been keen to see the countryside on a bike, but never imagined that she would be chasing her dream one day. She then, came across a rider who connected her to their group and one of the young riders in the group taught her how to ride a bike.

On September 28, 2019 she purchased her first ever bike a RE Thunderbird 500. She started with baby steps and then gradually went on a 40km ride to the nearby windmill hills. Soon she was covering 150, 350, 400kms in a day.

Nita went on her first long ride; Indore-Shirdi-Indore covering 800kms in two days. Recently she rode with 14 others, around 5 national parks of MP covering 2000 kms in 7 days! They rode in unison, covering cities, highways and Ghats. They rode on roads and off roads, in the day and till late in the nights. They finally completed 5000 kms on this stretch and now she’s looking forward to achieve many more milestones.