I’m an Automotive Engineer, currently working for the past two years with Team@RoyalEnfield (Kandivali). As a trainee technician, I’ve done many Rides-#RiderMania(Goa) #OneRide #soloRides #Ridersžest #GroupRides #Onedayride(Gujarat) #Breakfastride(Hotel Ahura, VandriLake, Pelhar, Wada, Kelva, shree Bal yogi Ashram, etc.) I took a part in both official and unofficial Royal Enfield rides.

I’m an automotive enthusiast and the Himalayan 411cc is my favorite bike.As I work at the Royal Enfield Service Centre, I get to engage with a lot of riders and I love to learn about their experiences that serve as an inspiration for me. They are real inspiration for me. Main thing is that I don’t own a bike but I daily ride more than 20 kms for my workshop related work. For solo rides I get bike from my friends and sometimes from RE customers. For official rides or events of RE, I use company vehicle. My dream of riding became true as I joined the automobile sector. I’m also pursuing my higher studies. I want to thank Voyage motors for giving me the opportunity to showcase my talent by making me work as a trainee. I want to discover my riding abilities in the coming future. I’m going to ride until my last breath.