I have a lot of experiences; I have ridden my bike to Ladakh without brakes. I stayed on ghata loops alone overnight. I also did Arunachal Pradesh with a crashed bike and rescued a rider in Ladakh suffering from health issues. I’ve been riding on hills every season and have ridden to Arunachal Pradesh in extreme winter in January.

My brother’s bike had an engine breakdown at ghata loops at around 6:30pm. So I gave him my Duke 200 and asked him to ride till Pang. After being tricked by a truch driver, I reached upsi at 2am. I tried to repair the bike temporarily to make it to Leh. The bike had started but my front wheel brakes didn’t work. Instead of quitting the journey I rode my bike in the snowstorm from Leh to Manali. I was faced with so many hurdles like bad weather and landslides but I kept going and finished my journey. The one thing I learned was never to give up and even for a second I didn’t leave my bike.