I’m a guy who hails from the bollywood capital of India (Mumbai) currently residing in the garden city (Bengaluru). I started riding in 2015 on duke 390, which has clocked close to 60k kms in 5 years of my riding. The best experience of my entire life “Ride of my lifetime with my Mom”.

Yes u guys heard it correct, did a ride from Bengaluru to Mumbai with my Mom. Now many of us wish to take their girlfriends or friends on a bike ride but I had taken my mum out for a ride and trust me guys a ride with your parents does help you understand the world in a lot better way.

I was spontaneously planning to go visit my granny who stays in Mumbai and I told my mom that I would be doing that on my bike and give my granny a surprise of his grandson visiting him. So my mum just told me I to wanna go out as I’m bored and to make her a little frightened I told her mum accompany me to Mumbai. At first she was shocked and said I’m a 45 year old women,how do u expect me to sit for a long time on the bike and she refused. But after a week of thinking she agreed to join me on my trip to Mumbai. So here we started our journey on 2nd January 2017 from our home in Bengaluru at early morning 4 am.

We reached my granny’s home at 3am. Yes it takes is 23 hrs to reach Mumbai and that was the end to the adventure. But my mum insisted me to accompany to all my rides as she felt free from all the hectic workload. I’m proud to say that I’m a biker moms son(though my mum doesn’t know how to ride a bike). Age never matters if you wish to do it you can also achieve it. And yes guys we used to take break every 120 kms so please if you guys are not in a hurry, make sure you take good breaks and drive safely and responsibly!!!!!