I am Yogesh Salunke from Mumbai. I have spent my past career in IT field with few Travel Industries. I am not very common boy next door, what makes me unique out of the usual, is my passion as a Rider! An intense emotion towards seeing myself as a decent Biker.


It all began at the energetic age of 20, when I first placed my hands on a two wheeler, which at the beginning felt like a very radical moment of my life. Although, I never knew it would lead to this beautiful time of my life, where I never travel without my beloved bike to any destination, it has certainly given me the will and courage to keep moving towards my destiny.


Through Motorcycling my life has changed for the better in so many ways. I have a great friends, fun times, and memorable rides. In the last four years of riding my Pulsar NS I have put more than 1,50,000Kms on the bike. This kilometers are full of memorable rides with fellow riders, with family & sometimes it was only me with myself.


My first Riding group is NakedWolves (Mumbai-Pune). This was the group & the group members who shaped a normal guy into a perfect disciplined motorcycle rider. My new journey of life started after this & then till now I have many friends and still getting associated with many Riding clubs. My first solo ride was ride to Banglore & the most memorable ride was Ride for cause – “Save Tiger bike campaign” which was the initiative of ARK and Maharashtra’s Forest Minister, it was around 2500 Kms 8 days trip with 25 Riders to four tiger reserve to spread awareness about Save tiger, Save Jungle. We spread the message to villagers which was on our route to Navegaon-Nagzira, Melghat, Pench & Tadoba Andhari.


And recently in July 2019, I was fortunate to visit Every Riders Dream Destination Leh-Ladakh two times in a month as I took two groups as lead to Leh. I love to do marshalling for big group rides. I have done it for few cycle races and one was at the time of “RTO ROAD SAFETY RALLY 2016 world Record” which was recorded by Guinness Book of world record.


Riding is all about passion, about making the adrenaline flow, about pleasure, about awakened and heightened sensation. I have always had the positivity in my intuition of what I have been doing and what I have to do further.

It’s a whim of several experiences I have had throughout the time I have developed the fire of passion as a biker that keeps me steadfast and ready for more adventures!

Join me in my journey to discover the road less traveled, till then, have a nice time, see you soon!