Hello everyone! I am Ram, a native of Coimbatore. Currently I’m living and working in Bengaluru. I have about 13 years of experience being on the road whenever I got time.

My ride across India started when I completed a state tour of Tamil Nadu in 2013. In following years, I have been to Rajasthan (Sept. 2015), Andhra Padesh and Telangana (Jan 2016), Gujarat (Oct 2016, Himachal Pradesh (Spiti Valley-Aug-2014), Sikkim (Dec-2017 and Oct 2019), Meghalaya (Oct 2019), traveling through the states of MP, Chattisgarh, Jharkhand, bihar, UP and many more on my motorcycle.I would like to share my achievements – Largest North-South Group Expedition (40 bikers) and Largest Group Golden Quadrilateral Motorcycle Expedition. My blogs are posted ataddictedrider.blogspot.com. My facebook page addicted rider also has posts of pictures taken from various rides.If anyone requires help with routes in most parts of the southern parts of India, I’m glad to help.