Though I ride motorcycles from my childhood, my love for bikes grew only after my marriage. Hands on handle bars, legs on gears, 80s songs in my mind, wind on my cheek, constant movement on my limbs and the judgment while riding is always an exhilarating mood for me and that makes me ride more and more.

I love to do both solo and group rides. I never stuck to “I can’t”. I have a problem of bone degeneration from L1 to L5 in my spine for the past 12 years. But that could never stop me from riding motorcycles. Riding bike fills me with a sense of empowerment, enhances my personality and makes me realize that I am on my own without any inhibitions. I can feel the real independence of myself and while I am building up my better constitution, I am developing my better mind.

Roads taught me many good values, self discipline, care for others, focus, sense of safety and responsibility, the other world of fun, adventure and possibilities, to fine tune my skills with speed and finding my zen. I wish I could ride until my last breath.