I’m a Health Care Worker by profession working with Sir HN Reliance Foundation Hospital as a Public Relations Officer for the past 5 years.

Apart from being a Health Care worker, I’m an National Volleyball Player, a dancer and a passionate biker.

The dream of riding a motorcycle started back in school days when I saw my dad riding an old Cast Iron Engine bullet which makes it obvious that he is my inspiration. Back then he used to drop me at school on his bullet and It was such a proud feeling for me as it used to be said no ordinary person can ride a Bullet. You need to have a personality to ride and handle a Bullet.

My dad’s bullet definitely justified its tagline “Jab Bullet Chale tab Duniya raasta de” I use to be super excited to go to school and this bike is definitely a head-turner.

It’s been two years since I have started riding professionally.

My longest and the most memorable ride has been to Sach Pass and Spiti Valley in Himachal Pradesh last year. I also hold an India Book of Records for the same ride. Feat Achieved is Youngest to ride at Sach Pass and Spiti Valley in a combined ride

Before this ride, the longest I had ridden was to Pune hence a lot of thoughts crept in my mind for going on this ride as I was going to ride for continuous 14 days with hardly any riding experience on India’s most dangerous roads and with no expereince of riding in the mountains.

I have always believed in myself and I do believe that there is always a first-time and hence I went ahead registered my name and today I’m proud of myself as I did not let fear overcome my dreams. This ride has given me lifetime memories which I shall always cherish.

The journey to Sach Pass will go down as the most unforgettable experience of my lifetime. Numerous water crossings, endless waterfalls, snow walls as high as 40 feet, roads as if the pathway to hell, ohh what an experience it was.

The roads of Spiti Valley included gravel and asphalt sections. It’s terrible narrow, pretty steep and an error in judgment would only mean tumbling down the valley & into the fast flowing river.

Even though after this, the 12 hours of vigorous riding, drastic weather changes, the wind chill causing numbness, my periods body pains and cramps. I feel proud to achieve such a milestone in my life. Trust me even the nose bleed due to the high altitude change at Sach Pass did not make me be triumphant to what I wanted to achieve.

This ride has thought me a lot of things and has open up my mind towards the positive side of life. If you fall you will get up and try again. That’s what a motorcycle does to you. It gives you a sense of freedom, makes you a better person, helps you to see life from a larger perspective. It gives you time to think time to relax time to speak to yourself. It connects you to an adventurous world and alights your imagination with the journey to come. It definetly connects you to a different world.

It’s not that hard to be a rider. You just need to be ready and follow the instincts. No passion is gender-biased.