Riding is not just a passion. It’s the way you find your inner peace. The word “rider” always directs to a man and not to a woman. A woman finds hurdles in everything she does. I have been national champion in powerlifting three times. The most amazing feeling is when someone says you are my inspiration.

People always have tendency to pass negative comment when they see a lady riding bike. I feel you shouldn’t take them seriously. I am proud to be a “bikerlifter”, biker by soul and lifter by passion.

Every biker has some experience to share, every journey of a biker is different and every person is unique but one thing that keeps us connected is us being a rider. We always give thumbs up when we see a rider pass by. It’s to boost the rider which implies that you’re doing a great job. A rider should always have courage to face every hurdle on in path, every pot hole, every pit and overcome it.

Life is too short so we probably have a few minutes to talk to someone, so cheer up be happy and ride always.