Riding on a bike is kind of crawling along, it gets faster when you hit the highways. You see the beauty in the city around when you hit the road. My experience in chasing my dreams are fulfilled here by zipping in the destinations with speed. Being a rider and a cabin crew is hereby similar with a great feeling of being proud when I hear people shouting out “Oh, she’s a Crew and a Biker.” Getting geared up for a ride is a Freedom of Being Bold.

I started my journey since I was 16. Bikes were those huge machines which always wondered me to pop on. The confidence to follow your heart was about developing a state of awareness that allows you to understand what is going on with yourself and your bike at the same time. The sense of freedom feels complete on a two-wheeled machine that weighs only a few hundred pounds is one of the surest ways to reach the destination and even heighten that enjoyment. My memorable rides: First Marshall ride for Guinness World Record – Official Attempt ride on 26th Jan’2018 at Navi Mumbai with more than 2000 bikers to promote Save Girl Child. Also Beat Breast Cancer Ride for the first time in Trichy as a Leading Lady of the rally on 13th Oct’2019.

A Tribute Ride for our Indian Army, especially for Late Major Kaustubh Rane every year on 15th August we show some gratitude towards our National Heros and also for the awareness of Donating Blood but Not on Roads Campaign.