I completed a 72 day journey of 14000kms covering Bhutan, few parts of nepal, tamu village in Myanmar and all of India’s north eastern states with my Honda hornet 160R. I was riding about 22000kms over 5months, too. I had a lot of challenges and learnt to tackle my riding mistakes and anxiety while doing some solo long rides.

I had every reason to quit at the start of the trip when things began to get worse. I had faced theft of my riding apparels and had a crash while riding in rain. The next day at 2am I fixed my bike, barely slept and started riding at 7am, the front brakes of the bike jammed on the highway, so I had to stop in the corner. This time it was an air lock in the front disc break. Since this was the third incident in a row, I lost my mind. I was on the verge of losing hope. And at last we went to a Honda service center and got my bike repaired and rode to Vijaywada. Everything went smoothly after that and we reached Siliguri.

The longest ride was to Siliguri, at a riding time of 22hours, with 3 members covering 850kms from New Digha We hardly slept for 24hrs and rode to the typical state highway. Shortly after which one rider went back and we 2 riders traveled to Bhutan – then covered India’s north eastern states and got a chance to experience left hand side driving at Tamu in Myanmar, then went to Lucknow to Agra and witnessed the beauty of ‘Taj Mahal’. Then we started our return journey towards Chennai through sagar – outer skirts of Hyderabad. Chennai was 1200kms longest covered stretch by us in 24hrs. At last landed in Chennai and returned to our hometown covering 14000kms.