Hello everyone I the little one on the little bike is me 7 year old. At my age most of the kids are either playing hide and seek, or swimming or painting..etc. But my parents are different, they made me ride a motorcycle. YES!! you read it right, My dad got me a petrol run bike (pocket bike) and he has been training me for the past one year. I have been comfortably riding it since last 07 moths. So basically I have been riding since I was 6 years.

It was my Dads dream to teach me biking at such and age, because he rode his first bike at the age of 12

I find it very thrilling to ride and also I am training myself to break my uncles Record, even when ride I get such surprising expression on road. I am also aware and always ride my bike with all the safety gears like helmet and elbow guards.

I am Thankful to dad and my uncle Mr. Nikhil Bothra (founder of ThrottlenExplore) for being such good Mentors.