At the age of 14, somehow I got my hands on A100 CC Hero Honda Passion. Soon I started stunting and it was great fun. It was this time when I met many Motocross riders, and something sparked inside me. In 2010 I went to a motocross event MRF National Championship 2010 which was held in Pune. This was the moment when I decided to go all in.

Convincing my parents to invest on a dirt bike was an impossible task so I decided to work and earn some cash. I worked in Big Bazaar bunking my school in 10th grade for 8 months. I couldn’t earn to buy a dirt bike yet but was able to purchase my first bike the Yamaha RX135. It took 18 more months for me to do some modifications to my bike and convert it into a dirt bike. In 2013, I was finally able to complete my dream of riding in a motocross race which gave me more confidence of continuing my big dream.I had started performing in intercity (Pune) stunt shows from 2012-2015. I had participated in supercross race in 2013 and from the year 2014 to2016 started practicing as motocross and trail riding. I became Founder of Motopark199 in 2017, trainer for dirt track racing, stunt riding and adventure biker riding. I have worked in a few TV add commercials and movies as stunt double. I entered the world of motocross freestyle in the year 2017 but there are very few tracks where you can practice motocross freestyle, so it was difficult to practice the jumps. I couldn’t wait more so I decided to make my own motocross freestyle track with 2 ramps. I labeled the moment when he finally flew my first 2 stroke dirt bike Yamaha YZ250 on my own track which is now named as Motopark 199.Like other people I love bikes. My love towards bikes was so much that I not only dreamt of riding them but also flying them!