Azmath hails from Bangalore. He started racing, when he was in class 6th. His first race was MRF National Supercross in 2018 on his bike Suzuki Ferio 150cc where he finished at the fourth place. His dad has been his biggest support throughout his journey. He eventually started riding autocross and bought a Yamaha Rx 135. In expert classes he bagged the first place. Azmath achieved the best rider title at the age of seventeen. He then started rally sprint racing and bagged first place in the 165cc class and 200cc class. He fractured his leg in the 100mts race and then rested for a while. Azmath, then got a call from Red Bull ace of dirt in 2019 for the enduro race, a race which no one had ridden in India. It was an invitation race only for a few selected riders of India. He was again invited for the same race in 2021, but due to his injury he couldn’t attend it.