I was going through a very difficult time in which I almost lost all my hopes. There was so much negative energy in me. And that was when I started riding bikes. Bike riding was a very cathartic experience for me. It gave me a release for all my negative emotions. Whizzing past on the road, feeling the wind in my hair and the tremor of the bike under my thighs, it gave me a sense of clarity. It helped me get rid of my negative thoughts. Riding gave me a sense of purpose in life. I tried to channel all my recklessness into something productive. And that’s how I became a stunt rider.Ghost Ryder is now one of the leading stunt riders and a solo rider in the district. Heading a team of stunt riders called the “Stunt Freak Riders” and also a riding team nake called “Riderz of Kanyakumari”, Ghost Ryder dreams of making his team one of the most sought after teams in the State. For me off course, it wasn’t an easy journey. My parents are not very supportive of this. But this is simply not something I can give up. I feel most alive when I am on a bike.

Nothing can beat the feel that I get from riding bikes! I have covered 2482kms in 48 hours to G2K. I’m an official expert rider for KTM company for entire down South Tamil Nadu #Offthebeatenpath, they call it ghost_ryder!!