One thing I have realized that if you really want some adventure in your life then these motorcycles are enough for you to give you that punch. I have been riding motorcycles from past 2 years.

I have been riding my Pulsar RS200 from past 2 years and it never betrayed me anywhere. It’s because if you take care of your bike then the bike will care for you.

I also had Hyosung GTR 650 which gave me great pain as it was all wrecked. The worst part was the company is also closed in India so the parts were not available. I had struggled a lot to rebuild that bike and I was almost successful in riding it too. I rode it for about 3-4k kilometers and then I sold it.

I have done riding in intercity like Jaipur-Kota, Jaipur-Bisalpur and Jaipur-Ajmer. I’m looking forward to explore more places and gather memories.