Riding is a continuous lesson which one learns throughout the ride. In every ride you get to learn something new, something special about it all. In context to this ,I would like to share my experience how my journey started. I had never thought of riding a motorcycle. Until one day my when my brother couldn’t start the bike (due to some issue) and I sarcastically said,” Tujhe ab tak bike start Karne nahi aata..?” to which he replied ,”you do it then”. The funny part was the bike didn’t have a self start. That day I realized that it’s more difficult than I ever thought it would be. After some unsuccessful trying, my brother said, let me teach you bike riding. It all started from that day.From learning to kick start, to gear shifting, off riding and balancing the bike in traffic and onto the slant roads. Believe me! it wasn’t easy for me. Lately I started taking the bike on my own, riding in the city. My brother took me on Royal Enfield (RE) group rides, where he would allow me to ride for a few miles. Then we went on the longest trip- Mumbai to Bangalore, Bangalore to Goa and Goa to Mumbai. My brother allowed me to ride on NH(National Highways) and there I understood the importance of all riding rules and the role of the safety gears. I learned so many things during these rides. The value and importance of the road signs which we generally ignore while city riding.And here I’m, a Bike Rider and a Bike Lover. I’m still learning every day and there’s so much to learn and grow. This is the journey which I’m in love with. I’m looking forward to explore more places and gain more experiences. Cheers to all my rider friends for being so supportive throughout and my brother who always has my back.