Riding gives you peace in mind and creates a positive aura around a rider. It also helps to explore places in a different way along with special feel and vibe. I feel proud being a member of Jaipur biker’s.I have done several solo and group rides. Some of my experience includes Jaipur to Leh Ladakh , Jaipur to Manali, Jaipur to Agra and many more. I have covered several rides with group to nearby and far destinations.Few things I would like to share is that it’s not about the destination that we are heading towards. It’s the ride we enjoy! There’s lot of things you get to learn while you’re riding like managing things, taking decisions, handling different situations etc. The endure that you get while riding is mystifying. The more you ride, the more you fall in love with it. Everybody keep riding and enjoy with a different view!!