A researcher by profession and biker by passion, I dream to travel around the globe on my motorbike, as riding has always been empowering. Growing up seeing my friends riding motorbikes, I too developed an interest But owing to the stereotype that women cannot ride and are too weak to manage the bike weight, it became challenging during my initial riding days. Nonetheless, I gained my confidence following the feats of dedicated women riders who have made a great impact. WithAvenger 220 street I started riding in groups and solo. Mostly, I have begun my travel diaries with Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Andhra Pradesh, and it has been great learning process since then. With the growing interest of other women about my experiences Ideveloped a platform to spread more awareness and encourage these women to follow their passion. So, I initiated Heels&Grease, a private group for teaching women motor bikingwhich became my true achievement.

To me, it’s not about the distance and the glories, it’s the journey with all the people and the beautiful memories of laughter and breath-taking landscapes that I am going to frame in my heart forever.