Karthik from Chennai. I am currently working in Bangalore. I own FZ v2 in which I have covered almost 90,000kms. I usually go for solo rides in day as well as night. My only aim is to follow my passion and encourage others to follow their passion as well.

I have vast experience in riding and have been under different situations like heavy rainfall, cold as well as hot weather, off road, cities and highway. I have good control over my bike. My longest ride so far without taking rest was from Kanyakumari to Bengaluru during night in which I covered 750kms.

I want to break to jinx that anything can be done by any machine no matter what cc it is. Keeping 150cc, I need to prove that every bike has its own worth and matters a lot. So modifying the bike can be a head tuner as well as for experiencing good performances.

I would like to take part in various activities conducted by biking community. Looking forward to meet you all and need support for my k2k ride which I’m preparing for this year on my FZ.