I wish that u guys can make a whatsapp group to unite all the riders and make a meet yearly once in a grant way that everyone can interact with each other. It will be great if the riders in the group unite together as a large community. Waiting for something big from u guys. Thank you throttle n explore family.

Actually I got inspired biking from my brother who was a rider. And started riding just for timepass but it’s my only relaxation to escape from my feeling. Making people happy and driving in an average speed to feel the breeze and to explore things that I had never seen before. My only plan is getting 11 superbikes in age 27 and completing ride to  manali with those 11 bikes. I really love riding and exploring more things that I had never seen in my life. I wanna see more and more people around the world. Wanna study about their culture and I wish Atleast I would have Atleast one guy in each places I wanna visit. Thank you guys for your patient. Really sorry for my late replies guys. Loving to text and meet different people by your page guys.