Riding is my passion. I have been doing solo trips across Karnataka and multiple solo breakfast rides too. My solo breakfast rides be like minimum 300km. Every ride gives me a chance to learn a lot on how to update and upgrade myself on the basis of safety and the mechanical stuff or the backup stuff’s for the next Ride.And also keeping the vehicle in perfect condition. It is very important to ride peacefully on highway and following all the safety rules of road. When I am riding at high speed, I keep all the documents of my bike up to date. It’s because I can easily speak with cops and give required stuffs at that time. The best part is I haven’t been I in trouble with that yet.I ride with equipped gear and a proper backup plans on my every ride. I feel that every rider should do this. I have mostly done solo rides and I don’t have clue about group rides. I’m looking forward to do a few of them.