Owning and riding a bike is the best thing you can do to get around Delhi. A bike is a two-wheeled vehicle that is propelled by pedals and steered with handlebars.  I mostly stay 6-7 months out of India and  rest of the months in India on my machines. Not only I love bikes and bike riding but also purchasing most of them.

I own three bikes-  RE TB 350,  RE Bullet 500 & Triumph Tiger 800 XCx. All of them are good but the feel  I got from riding my Triumph Tiger 800 XCx was ineffable. From my experience, I felt that RE TB 350 is mainly  good for short city rides, RE Bullet 500 is good for all terrain but not much  off-riding, Triumph Tiger 800 XCx  has been my favorite so far due to its power and comfort of ride !

Being a passionate rider, I have explored across many places like Leh-Ladakh, Mustang ( Nepal ), West Sikkim, Darjelling, Illam- Kanyam -Sreeantu in Nepal peripheral. In coming days,  I would love to explore entire Northeast and more places of Nepal and Bhutan. Apart from all these things, safety is the most important thing. To all the riders ,you should drive smoothly and with utmost safety.