It was 2017, the beginning of a strong desire to travel towards a vague destination started. The trail of dreams, ideas, inspirations and experiences began. I was 18 at that time. Until then I didn’t go on any bike trip, it was my first trip that was fully inspired by Sahisnu Ghosh (the senior member of our team). My very first ride was a perfect one! I felt like I was born to ride. After coming back from the trip, my two buddies named Bishwadeep Sinha (my batch mate)and Suraj Podder (acquainted by Bishwadeep) had itchy feet and desire to travel and explore, they were so excited with our trip and meanwhile we made a family of people with same mindset and planned the next trip and also named our group Landlopers.

After a year, we four went on a trip to a place which was indescribable, a vague destination: Gurudongmar Lake. The terrain leading to Gurudongmar was very hostile and yet very beautiful. The land resembled Tibetan plateau, vegetation was very limited and the road was through a stony moraine-like unpaved path. Due to the proximity to the Chinese Boarder, landmines are not uncommon and presence of Indian Army is ubiquitous. Due to high altitude breathing problems may arise. Despite the hardship and difficulty, a visit to this lake may last as an experience of a lifetime.

It was our first achievement to ride to a height of 17800 feet and gave us completely a different feeling. Nathula pass, Baba Mandir, Yumthung, Yamaesedong and various parts of Sikkim are the place we’ve covered until now. Once we went on a sudden trip to Nandi hills located at Chikmangalur District at Karnataka, which was intended by my brother Shidhartha Das and his friends. And the trip turned out to be fun and we made wonderful memories there. Its a famous place from where everyone can enjoy the scenic sun rise and the beautiful, peace and calm Bengaluru City from the top of the cliff. We also tried some bamboo chicken which is the only famous street food famous at Nandi hills.