I’m always delighted to ride and curious to explore . Riding has helped me build confidence. My riding journey began in 2018. I wear Mt mugello helmet, Solace jacket and Probiker’s guards. With my machine Ntorq 125, I first travelled to Rajasthan where I witnessed a lot of people hovering around in the day light and none to be seen after its dark. I then went to Mussorie where I took a wrong trail in the dark. On my way to Tehri dam, I took a halt at Dhanolti to gulp down some Maggie.

In between the route, I faced a breakdown which led me to spend half of my day in Chamba and then I finally rode to Tehri dam and experienced camping by the lake. My third ride was to Chakrata where I experienced snow for the first time. The snow on the road started to melt which made crossing the road a tough task. It’s been a tremendous journey so far and I look forward on riding and exploring more destinations.