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Off  roading? !Well, that’s something I would want to brief you guys on. Riding a vehicle on unsurfaced roads amidst the gravel and mud requires 3 basic things: 1. Confidence 2. Safety and most importantly, dependability of the vehicle. Confidence comes within but safety and dependability is what we choose.

Talking specifically about the vehicle reliability,I personally would suggest Himalayan as the best vehicle. This vehicle is not only eco friendly but also cost friendly and super dependable for journey that tours off the normal roads. It is a very good model and the power of this bike is just unbelievable! Himalayan shall in my opinion be the off road King but I would also want to keep my opinion about another powerful bike called Epulse 200, another amazing bike!  Some of it’s mentionable benefits and drawbacks would be,


1.Very well designed for off roading

2. Seating is quite comfortable

3. Most importantly, it fetches more mileage.


1. Not highly reliable due to it’s break down issues

2. Gear shifting also seems to be not too comfortable

3. The clutch is not too adjustable.

I Would conclude on this little piece of information considering it was helpful.