ey riders I am Vaibhav. I’m a curious rider. I would like to share my experience of one of my favourite rides which was of more than 1000 kms from Jaipur to Nakoda ji Jain temple and back in 3 days on my Bajaj pulsar RS200.

The ride started on 26 Jan 2018 and was actually planned for 2 days. Now for the ride we took all the necessary things like chain spray, helmet cleaner, riding gear (pants, jacket, gloves and shoes), tool kit of the bike and few extra bucks just in case. On the way from Jaipur to Nakoda ji we decided that we will take the shorter route (which was a big mistake) as we needed to reach before sunset. After taking break for an hour, we had 2 choices either to continue on the expressway which was long but smooth or to cut about 60 km from our ride and take the state highway from Beawer to Jodhpur and guess what we took the state highway.

So for almost 5-6 km it was also nice and smooth after that for the next 100 kms it was nothing. The whole highway was under construction. After like 3 hrs we reached Jodhpur. It was already 5:30 by then and we needed to reach the destination before 7 so we needed to rush. The next stretch of 120 km we did speeds of over 130 kms /hr as they were arrow straight roads and we were able to see for about 2-3 km ahead of us. We reached the destination just in time.

We enjoyed our stay. It was very peaceful unlike big cities. The next day we headed back to Jaipur and this time we took the expressway and guess what RS200 is amazing on smooth roads for touring. One can easily cruise on speeds of 80-100 on that bike. But if you want more speed and a bike which can handle any terrain like a king just get a Dominar 400. So this was my riding experience on my Rs200.