Invest in experience, not in things this is what I believe in. In our lives, we want to do things that are different. I love do lot of adventure and travelling. Exploring new places, new people and culture is my hobby. Long distance solo riding is one of those exciting thing that I do to know the unknown as well as myself.

Every day I cover 500-600 kms. My last ride was from Pune to Mana village and back to Pune which was 4000kms. I had made a record of covering 900kms in 16 hours. While riding we bikers have to face so many difficulties like bad roads, Narrow Mountain curbs, irritating traffics! But still each and every time that I start riding, the feeling of fresh morning air on my face, empty road and the beckoning of the unexploded destination fills my day with enormous joy. It’s an awesome feeling!

I mostly go for solo riding. Riding alone is not only monitoring the hand on the clutch but also the foot on the break and eyes on the road. Dealing with environment has always been the leading challenge for riders. Heat, dust, wind and rain these all are part of the journey. Some people think that rough and rash driving is the ultimate objective of being on road which isn’t true.

I have completed a dozens of long distance rides and the enthusiasm is all the same each and every time. Now finishing the rides has become a source of pure happiness along with achievements!