“Life changes, Passion doesn’t!” True right? Yes, so was it in my case as well.With a world full of counting multitudes of passions, mine happened to be Riding.Well, like most of you, initially small but that’s how my passion for riding kick-started the day I kick-started my FZ 250.My journey of solo rider started off with riding through the cities of my Origin State called Karnataka and then grew across the country. Counting from the Western Ghats to the Coastal regions of Kerala to all the way heightening to Mumbai, Delhi, Manali, and swaying back down to TamilNadu.This Journey not only helped me grow as a solo rider but also took my passion to another level just in a span of a year falling from 2018 to 2019.Not limiting my passion here, I would like to accomplish the Vertical stretch of India starting right from the tail being Kanyakumari to touching the tip called Kashmir(K2K). And who knows, by “Throttle and Explore” by my side my dream to solo ride across the countries might just come true as well!