The truth is you don’t know what is going to happen tomorrow. Life is a crazy ride and nothing is guaranteed. I started riding bike when I was merely a teenager. I love travelling and enjoying nature. I’m in a different zone when I ride on roads which are covered with trees and mountains and love to enjoy view from mountains.I brought my first bike and learnt riding on pulsar NS200, Rs200 and classic 350. I have craze for power bikes so taken KTM Duke 200. Apart from these, I have rode more bikes like KTM duke 200, 390, Rc200, 390 , Royal Enfield classic 350 and Pulsar Rs 200. My first long ride was 270km from that ride I just got addicted to ride, to cover more and more kilometers. Then I started making a small group of friends who can ride and then started making trips every Sunday.Every Sunday morning we wake up at 3am and started riding from 4. I have travelled from Bengaluru to Mysore, Mangalore, Udupi, Goa and many more places in south. But I have dream to ride from Bengaluru to Leh ladhak as well as Nepal. I hope to complete that soon. I got the passion for riding bikes and covering long distance from my brother Nikhil Bothra @tne_devil_on_roads. Riding gives me inner peace and stress-free life and helps to forget all my problems of life.

I love my bike as well as riding it more than anything else!