Never take your ‘Luck’ for granted! Having done a few tours and fortunately I’ve never had an issue with either my Machine or Myself. You start taking things for granted whether it’s carrying that Puncture repair kit or it’s carrying a different mode of payment other than Cash or Card. Basically when everything is going good, you assume that it would continue to do so and you don’t cater for the worst.

I have completed many trips, some of which are Pune to Ludhiana (non-stop for 32 hours) , Munnar to Pune(non-stop for 22 hours) and Pune to Delhi(non-stop for 23 hours). My last Tour from Pune to Kanyakumari via Rameshwaram was done 4,000kms in 6 days, needless to say how stressful it was for both Man & Machine. I thought my luck would never run out but it did and probably at the worst possible place, I got a flat in the middle of a ghat where there was no sign of human life and Mobile networks didn’t work. I really didn’t have an option but to ride on till I see some locals to ask for help. I lost 7 hours in Total and was almost completely dead by the time I reached Bengaluru at 11:40 PM at night.The very next day one of my aux lights bolts broke off and I didn’t have anything to tie it with, I luckily had some electrical tape from my last trip which I put and rode till I found a mechanic. All in all this tour it taught me, not to take the road for granted and you should be prepared because your luck may decide to run out in the middle of a highway with no help or even worse a forest reserve with no signal. So hope for the best and prepared for the worst. You’ll be fine because at the end of the day remember – There’s always another day to ride!