I started my journey when I was 20. It gives me immense pleasure when I hear people shouting “Oh, he’s a rider.” For me getting geared up for a ride is a freedom.

I think sometimes people confuse me about what am I doing. But this is something that I am actually experiencing and is real for me. This is something that personally helps me as well. That’s what ride is for me. Whenever I am angry or frustrated, this is a therapy for me. I am really passionate about riding.

As you can my profile name is elephant rider, there is a reason behind choosing such name. I would like to share my story. I use to ride Royal Enfield classic 350. So when I heard about the advertisement of Bajaj, it was annoying for me because everyone started teasing Royal Enfield as an elephant. Initially it was annoying for me but then I realized riding an elephant isn’t easy task. Most of them were not even able to put the bike on double stand. Gradually my frustration turned into pleasure, I am so glad to call myself the elephant rider!