It was a frosty morning, and I rode for 5 hours straight in thick mist and extremely low oxygen, on one of the worst motor able roads. There wasn’t a soul in sight for hours, but the roads and the snow capped peaks were all mine. It was a beautiful day. I felt like I was running down a dream, working on a mystery and going wherever the roads lead. Last three days, the rains were unstoppable, the sky grew dark and I put the pedal down for some time.

Welcome to 17000 feet (5183 metres) at what is considered one of the holiest lakes in all of Buddhism, and the highest altitude lake in India. I marvelled in the pristine beauty and noticed the quaint tibetan ceremony going on at the lake and met the monks who blessed me. I took a dip in the water and it felt like an icy maiden’s touch. As I rose,I finally noticed the peaks of Mt. Kanchenjunga and Mt. Siniochlu so close, it seemed like an illusion. I chased the peak for 2500 km across Bhutan, Darjeeling, Kalimpong and Gangtok.

Solo ride to Bhutan, China border, North Sikkim and East Sikkim spanning 4000km over 25 days. Also ridden in Cambodia and Laos earlier. Avid rider and motorcycle enthusiast!

I started the ride back on the open roads and the desert around me amidst the army bunkers and massive tanks. I thought about the Mysore masala dosa, I ate at the world’s highest dosa point a few hours ago. I suddenly felt nauseated due to the altitude mountain sickness. My phone’s battery drained and my DSLR’S SD card misbehaved nlike a 5 year old who’s been denied a treat. My petrol tank was almost empty and I hoped the prayer flags on my bikes worked. I then had an altercation with a bunch of Sikkimese drivers who almost pushed my bike off the edge of a cliff which pissed me off.

I missed my parents and friends who were 1000 of miles away from me. I started thinking about the sizzling momos, steaming thupka and tongba waiting for me and I rambled on! Point in this case, when you live to eat, it all works out just fine. That’s all folks!