Yuvi believes the best way to explore the world is on wheels especially on two wheels. Being a biking enthusiast, he always prefers traveling through bike.  In 2018 he rode to Badrianth dham and Mana village in Uttrakhand. The trip was full of adventure.

The sights one gets to witness while travelling on that stretch are captivating but at the same time, it possesses a number of dangers including notorious ditches, muddy roads and landslides. The real threat is mud water forming on road waterfalls with full of slippery stones. Several points here are truly life threatening and to be honest, during his trip to Mana/Badrinath those really made him think, “Is it a wise decision to cross it & move ahead.”

A one second’s break of concentration may prove fatal. He did not hesitate to stop and park the Invictus (his RE ) a few times at safe corners first and then captured the stunning beauty of this land.