“There are echoes in hills of Vidhya, and the Himalayas and music is mingled in Yamuna, and Ganga which is chanted by foaming waves of Indian sea”. These are the lines that beautifully describe the Indian earth in the National anthem. Travelling sparks our imagination, feeds our curiosity and reminds us how much we all have in common and it never ends here.

Every trip is a celebration for us. Celebration of the groin, perspectives, knowledge, experience!! Within 44 days, I have covered 11341 kms and traveled through 16 states of India and made our dreams into memories. Finally I set out our journey to the dream land of Leh-Ladakh to capture long two years of dreams! I felt like crossing the snow capped mountains and valleys, traversing blue sky, green sea and red turf, through the magical world.

Kashmir, the heaven on earth! And it is a dream land of every traveler. Kashmir is still alive in our minds as a canvas picture. Truly the words can’t describe the beauty of it, we can just feel it.

We met many different peoples from different region. But they were same in the feature of virtuous. Life is a way too short and not to be filled with regret at the end of your life. Laugh in the sun, make connections and create art.

“Towards the end of the journey, I will rise up like a giant beard at some fork and merge into the blue sky.”

Thank you! Throttle N Explore.