Riding is a feeling which I have been experiencing since 4 years. To have covered entire Chhattisgarh, Puri,Odisha and Goa wasn’t a small achievement at all. We also have been doing other rides which has taught us to ride through the worst to best roads.Another remarkable ride would be for promoting Swach Bharat awareness.The pros always comes with cons so mentioning a few would be people not following traffic rules, lack of gear knowledge and reckless riding does hamper riding a bit. Talking about the Raipur to Goa ride, which my group and I successfully completed aswe carried all the important tools and documents correct.Riding at decent speed of 70-80 KMPH considering the weather conditions did help us too.Another important thing would be riding with correct gears which adds as a an advantage.The scenery alongside was awesome. From Yavatmal to Solapur and finally to Goa was just incredible!

Planning our next ride fromRaipurto Nepal Kathmandu. Hope me make another safe and joyful trip.