The world, place to explore makes anyone to get attracted to it and thus by that way I am also attracted to it with my passion-Riding.As many of all, my biggest dream is to travel and explore the whole world on a motorcycle. The achievements I got till date are the memories from the different places that I have travelled. I am from Kerala and I almost covered all places of Kerala and other states as well. From all these, in my point of view the most beautiful place I’ve ever seen is my home land. Not only for me, for everyone else even their home land will be the most beautiful one.

As a Biker, I would like to say that- Biking, Riding, Exploring & Travelling-all these makes a human feel young, free and bold forever. He/She can withstand any situation in their life easily. I love long distance tours as well as I love to survey unexplored places, forests, offroads. That’s where we can know ourselves, our talents, etc. All I want is a happy soul and happy life. Hence I Ride. I Rise.