As a person who loves to travel, all I have to say is not about travel, but about the impulse to travel. Because all we do is read, see, and travel to other places. Many people jump on the sidewalks without even looking for details of where they are going. Not everyone is doing this, but people are there. May be for these reasons, accidents take place.

Travel has become an unavoidable waste of time. It would be good, but most people choose not to wear helmets, jackets, boots, etc. for safety. Anyways the only thought that people have is to reach their destination anyhow. I feel that one should get ready for the ride only when they have made preparations completely.

Before starting the trip, you should clearly look for the place and ensure safety. All I wanted to share with you is not my travel experience. Rather, everyone should ride smoothly. To all the people here, keep riding and stay safe.