I’m a native Kanyakumariyan! The craze for bikes grew from my school days. Slowly it grew more and more. Now I’m staying in Bengaluru but every time I go back to Kanyakumari it’s on my bike. Yes I love going to my native place on my bike rather than any other transportation. It gives me peace and makes me feel alive.

One of the best feelings that I have ever got was on Trissur road. So it was then I was riding with one of my friend from Mysore to Trissur road on R15 V3. Then a clan of around 10 bikers was coming from opposite direction on same R15 V3. Once they got to see me, they gave “Bikers Dab” and so did I. It was damn crazy! I immediately felt an adrenaline rush inside.

It is an indelible experience. There’s one more memorable ride which to Nilampur National Park. Both of these experiences are best and unforgettable.