My first ride! It started in July 2015 when I first rode my scooty Yamaha Ray Z and covered 50kms altogether. I had enjoyed each and every minute of that ride. The feelings are ineffable! Soon after couple of rides, I understood the happiness that I got from riding. After a year, I started to explore different places. I had upgraded my vehicle from Yamaha Ray Z to Duke 200 and named it ‘Destiny’. It was my best companion and gradually riding became my passion. We had explored many hidden gems in my state. I still have so many in my list to do. People always told me for the kind of riding I do, I should get an adventure touring bike. But I strongly feel my passion is more than enough to take my Destiny where ever I want. Lastly I am not a corner junkie or an expert. But I just love to corner at the canyons. Keep riding! Keep exploring.