Friends and bike rides! The best combination I could ever get. My interest of touring across South India in my KTM RC200 would never go out of attention with these by my side. Not the most but definitely one of the memorable ride would be “The Mysuru-Kanyakumari” one. Gears up, saddle bag on, weather check, tool kit, first aid box & chain spray all packed.We were all set for a power packed journey.Riding at 120kmph against the high wind velocity totally made us float along.Sometimes things don’t go as planned and that’s when they turn funny, like was in this case where we enjoyed the Sunrise on one hand and there stood some trouble on the other when I realised my bike was missing when we returned. After all the panic attacks and thanks to the Police Department’s Cooperation which got me back to my loved possession. The saddle bag which preferred sitting on the fuel tank was another joyful experience.To enjoy the beauty of mother nature along with such friends and memorable incidents made it worth the ride.


Thank you Throttle N Explore