My father! Yes he is the one who taught me riding. Like three years back I used to ride casually and then I had joined Bullet Queens Vadodara. There I started to learn about professional riding and found out that there is a huge rider group in the city.

On 24th of March 2019, it was my first ride to Pavagadh from Vadodara which was 100kms. I was quite scared as it was my first time. Thanks to our group leader Ritu Kaur for motivating and comforting me. It was an amazing and memorable ride. Off course it was the best day of my life. After this ride I used to eagerly wait for Sundays to come. It was because we used to explore new places on Sundays. I felt confident even for solo rides.

It was an adventurous ride to Halol on bullet. I went to Baruch, Dakor and Kavi Kamboi from Vadodara and all of them were solo rides. Then I went to my longest trip to Mount Abu with a group in which I was the only female rider. It was 300 kms one way. I have experienced the monsoon rides even which are fun and thrilling as well.

I have passion for racing as well and hence started motocross training. For me my bike is my identity, my recognition, my love,everything. Apart from my studies and career, bike riding has special corner in my heart!