Very few choices in life give the true sense of freedom to a person. Without freedom, you are not living, merely surviving. For me, this sense of freedom came in serving the nation and riding my bikes. My love for the wheels started at a very young age. I used to mimic actions of Grand Prix on my bicycle. That gave fuel to thirst of speed. As the years passed by, bikes of various friends and my father kept me enticed. Finally it was the time when I got my own bike. I own these Royal Enfield Himalay, Classic 350 and Pulsar bikes.I have covered South India, Port blair, Northern States, Gujarat and Rajasthan on bike which were mostly solo. I had enjoyed each of the rides. There will never be any other mode of travel that will connect to it’s rider as a bike does. It’s been 16 years that I have been riding now, and planning to ride as long as physically possible. I will never be away from my bike, no matter where I am, no matter what I do. I have been trying to associate riding with few social causes so that I can contribute towards nation building along with the passion that I follow.What I want to pass on, and try to pass on to the young riders, is the responsibility to ride safely. Whenever on road, we are accountable for not only our, but the lives of others on tarmac as well. We have a moral obligation as riders to be the icons of safe and responsible lifestyle. Keep riding.