It all started when I got my first 2 wheeler. While my passion for motorbike started to develop ever since I was a child. I started realising that I have a strong passion for bikes when I got my hands on my sister’s old Yamaha alpha, a gearless scooter. I was sixteen at the time and I had just got my license. This was truly a blessing as my riding career spiraled upwards from there. I had lots of fun riding that gearless scooter, I explored, I cruised and it was also my daily commute.

Then we got a new scooter the following year, a TVS Ntorq125, it took me on a lot of adventures and it made me realize how much I enjoy riding and how deep my passion was. I visited several beautiful places in Shillong, it was during this time that I had so much fun riding and figuring out what kind of a rider I am.

So then I got my dream bike ‘Royal Enfield Himalayan’, when I eventually turned 18 . It’s not even a year with the bike and on this bike I’ve had a lot of memorable and heart warming experiences. I built a deep bond with the Enfield and my experiences on this bike are priceless. Recently I have travelled to Bhutan and in my life i have never felt more at ease on the scenic and curvy mountain paths, across a whole new country with a different culture, the feeling is indescribable.

The Enfield took me to many breathtaking places and most importantly it always safely brought me home and I’m thankful to the almighty above who had been looking after me and blessed me with this incredible life in an ordinary world and by his grace I will be able to go on many more adventures and meet and explore many more cultures and friends.