Hari started riding in 2019, he went on some local and district rides at first. He hails from TamilNadu and recently he completed his Kanyakumari ride. His bike is not just a machine but he shares a deep and an emotional connect with his bike.

“Bike riding is an aspiring passion for many but it requires rigorous practice to convert a common rider into a skilled rider” he feels. According to him, distance is the most important aspect of riding. During the early stages of riding, covering short distances should be a goal. One should never strain oneself in the beginning. Increase the distance step by step by setting up goals for yourself, which will indirectly help in boosting confidence. To begin with, start with solo rides. Group riding is totally different, as it requires teamwork, speed synchronization, coordination, and patience – something that could be acquired only after significant riding experience, he says.