Hello everyone! I’m professionally riding from last five years. Recently I have completed all 29 states of India along with Nepal and Bhutan. The ride started on 15th of January and ended on 15th of April 2019. These rides were noteworthy and effable. The next ride that I’m planning is from Surat to London.I am sponsored by Lone Ranger India, Moto Studio Surat and also by Motul India .I am also helping new riders to become a perfect rider as well as helping those who are interested in exploring India. As I have good connection all over India, I help others to connect with each other even.I would like to share my experience that I have gained till now. While riding I have come across a lot of people including riders and normal civilians. I must say that there are no bad people but it is only the situations that make things happen. Just ride with a good heart and you will get your destination.

Thank you!