That day I doubted my eyes and my brain at the same time. Can you imagine a sight like this in front or rather all around you? That feeling when you are trapped in windows wallpaper, just a better one with unlimited possibilities of both cold desert and small bushes and grey mountains, all around one straight dark road. You think if your eyes are deceiving you, if your brain is playing you. Or is it all a dream and you are actually in your bed right now? Thousands of questions inside your head but all you can focus on is that chilly wind seeping through your gloves and jacket zipper, and that feeling of achievement. It feels like suddenly you are so light and your bike is gliding through the pathway to heaven. I thought, maybe this is how people feel when they are dead and moving to afterlife.More plains are the beauty on Leh-manali highway between Leh and Sarchu which blew my mind off. As a novice rider I believed that riding a 194kg 411cc that looks as majestic as it is, a Himalayan, with 2 people and luggage not at all light would be a true challenge for me in that altitude. We are talking about 15400 ft. But energy flushed through me the moment my gloves touched handle and I can’t begin to explain that feeling. I did face some trouble when I had to stop in the middle with all that mixed feeling in me and my brain still asking me weird questions forgetting what we are dealing with here compared my usual bullet 350 in my hands with no pillion. But that did not stop me make this one my favourite riding experience so far in my short riding endeavor!