The bike which many of us would look up to when we are kids. The ‘bullet’ which we see our movie stars ride in popular movie flicks and the bike which elders in the town rode around with their white clothes and huge moustaches. It was always a dream to ride and own a Bullet during the days of school, college and initial work days.

The best thing about motorcycle riding and travel is you come across many interesting people. I have come across some of the best people in life, which otherwise meeting them would never been possible. Religion, language, state nothing matters for bikers. Even meeting any rider for the first time, the conversations and relation would be as if we knew each other for many years. It is a common feeling for many of us I believe.

What is with Royal Enfield that makes it so special, that makes it ‘The Bike’ to have, if not for every Indian but for most of us. When we step on the kick and release the pressure and the songs play, that makes me an insane lover of bullet. Riding on bullet always makes me feel like a royal. If a person is having Bullet then it will the first priority of him. It’s not just a bike. It’s an emotion, love and life to Bullet lovers!!

Apart from this, I am the founder of suburban riders, a group based at Mumbai and expanding. I have locally explored almost every corner of Mumbai: Pune, Nashik, Nagpur, Solapur, Kolhapur and Pandharpur. Recently I have started with Moto blog on youtube- Mumbiker Prasad.