I was a cyclist and by the age of 21, my dad saw me sweating and struggling to get to places and bought me a motorcycle. The first motorcycle I owned was HF-Dawn. I did a lot of touring with it and hard riding. I managed to modify the bike and it ended looking like a baby Triumph Tiger but I was a Royal Enfield fan and then I got a second hand Thunderbird, and then there was no looking back, preserved the bike restored it well even though it was the earliest UCE. I still had a lot of repairs and yes many places to go. I explored many places like Goa, Karwar, Alibaug, Mumbai, Mahabaleshwar and Bhigwan. I have been following motorcycling from almost 6 years now and it has been the greatest stress buster and an amazing way to express. Now I am just waiting for the lockdown to get over and then start riding safely again.